Warehouse Safety Solutions

Warehouse Safety

Safety First

Safety is at the forefront of every warehouse/plant manager's mind. To run a truly successful operation, a facility cannot only be productive- it must also be safe for every employee who works there.

Whether it's implementing new safety gear and products or overhauling an entire safety program with a BWC Safety Grant, our team has the knowledge and experience to keep your operation safe and OSHA-compliant.

QCMHE is a partner from start to finish. Let's get started.

Warehouse Safety

Safety Products

  • Guardrails and Barriers
  • Pallet Racking Safety and Protection
  • Wire Mesh Partitions and Machine Guards
  • Security Cages
  • Traffic Safety/Blind Spot Awareness Systems
  • Ergonomic Equipment
  • Harnesses and Fall Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Flammable and Hazardous Material Storage
  • Hygienic Equipment
  • Safety Screens
  • Eyewash Stations

Ohio BWC Safety Grant Program

  • Safety Intervention Grant Program is available to any Ohio state-fund or public employer who wishes to purchase equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses associated with a particular task or operation
  • Employers are eligible for a 3-to-1 matching grant, up to a maximum grant award of $40,000 for each eligibility cycle. This means BWC gives $3 for every $1 the employer contributes
  • QCMHE has broad experience guiding companies through this process and managing all applications, reports, and necessary paperwork
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