Warehouse Safety Solutions in Cincinnati, OH

If you've often wondered how to make your workplace as safe as possible, you've come to the right place. At QC Material Handling Equipment, we work with employers to find excellent warehouse safety solutions that keep their employees safe and healthy. We serve clients in Columbus, OH; Cincinnati, OH; and all surrounding areas.

Improve Your Building's Safety Today

QC Material Handling Equipment can work with you to make your warehouse much safer and more secure than it currently is. In particular, we offer our clients excellent partition equipment and wire security cages-you can count on our materials and products to be durable and last as long as possible.

When you work with our personal safety equipment experts, we'll visit your warehouse to offer on-site consultations and give you the best advice on what to add to your building. For instance, we can make recommendations about ergonomic equipment, traffic safety, hygiene equipment, and machine guarding. Ask us about any safety process-we're confident we can improve your worksite.

Work With Us

Did you know that the BWC's Safety Intervention Grant Program grants money to employers who want to purchase safe or ergonomic equipment for their employees? The program helps you find the equipment you need to minimize illness and injury in your warehouse.

The program is currently accepting applications, and QC Material Handling Equipment is happy to work with you to assess your workplace and improve its safety. We understand how the grant program works and can help you cut through the red tape instead of getting tangled in the paperwork.

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Whether you want to apply for a grant or you want an onsite inspection to see how your worksite can be improved, get in touch today. Call our Cincinnati, OH, office at (513) 237-0077 or our Columbus, OH, office at (614) 289-1194.