In-Plant Offices and Cleanrooms

In-Plant Office

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In-plant offices allow employees to complete paperwork and other "office tasks" while still remaining close to the action. These modular buildings are a perfect solution for management looking to keep an eye on employees as they complete their day-to-day duties, engineering teams trying to increase communication with the production line staff, and operations/logistics team members who need a quiet place to complete their paperwork (just to name a few).

These innovative systems are a cheaper and more flexible solution than traditional construction methods and provide a number of benefits to the facilities that house them. However, the process of deciding exactly what your operation needs and the best way to implement it can be a challenge. Our team is here to help. QCMHE offers comprehensive system design, sourcing, and turnkey installation for a hassle-free project that delivers maximum return on your investment.

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In-Plant Office

In-Plant Offices

  • Available in custom configurations or pre-fabricated, quick ship layouts
  • Modular design composed of insulated, sound-proof panels
  • Simple to assemble and install, providing the flexibility to add to or move the unit
  • Able to be built on the ground floor, sit on top of a mezzanine, or stack on each other for a two-story office structure
  • Limitless applications including break rooms, offices, machine enclosures, and powder coating enclosures

Pre-Fabricated Cleanrooms

  • Designed specifically for industries that require a controlled environment for production and testing
  • Prevent contaminants from entering the room and can provide complete control over air flow, temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc.
  • Modular design allows for expanding and altering the shape of the structure
  • Great for pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and sanitary food-grade applications
In-plant Office Mezzanine
Modular Cleanroom
In-Plant Office
In-Plant Office