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Installing a new crane system in your facility can revolutionize operations and streamline your production process. However, designing and installing the right system can be a big task. That's where we come in.

Our process begins with a complimentary consultation where we give you the opportunity to explain your processes and workflows.

We then collaborate with you to develop and implement the lifting solution that will ultimately boost efficiency and deliver the highest possible return on investment.

QCMHE is a partner from start to finish. Let's get started.

Crane Consultation


Our industrial crane experts are ready to design, source, and implement the crane system that's right for your operation. Below you can find a sample of the many styles of cranes that we carry.

Give Your Operation a Lift

Cranes play a pivotal role in operations that require the transportation of large, heavy materials that cannot be moved by lift trucks or conveyors in an efficient manner. In addition to being able to handle heavier loads, the floor space footprint of crane systems is significantly less than conveyor systems or lift truck aisles due to their utilization of overhead space.

These systems also boost facility safety due to a decrease in human labor and safety risk involved in fork lift and pallet jack transportation. Additionally, by taking a more direct overhead path to their destination, cranes can boost operational efficiency and raise production capacity. Our team is ready to help you implement this game-changing piece of equipment.

Complimentary System Design and Planning

Whether you're looking to replace an existing crane system or have realized the need for a crane at your facility, QCMHE has a range of available products and the expertise to implement the right system for you.

One of our experienced sales engineers will visit your facility to examine your processes and workflows and give you the opportunity to describe what's working and what needs improvement.

We will then provide several product suggestions and explain the features and benefits of each. We strive to provide the most consultative approach possible in order act as a true partner to your business.

Installation and Training

QCMHE offers a truly turnkey experience- rather than simply selling you a new crane system, we will also fully assemble and install it. We will also train your team on how to use this new piece of equipment to fully maximize your company's return on investment on the project.

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