Selective Pallet Racking

How it Works:

  • Uprights and a pair of crossbeams bear the weight of the pallet
  • Wire or metal decking fills the space between beams
  • Available in either teardrop (clip-in) or structural (bolt-up) construction
Selective Pallet Racking

Product Features


  • Most popular and cost-effective type of racking
  • Lift can easily access any pallet on the rack
  • Supports LIFO or FIFO inventory management
  • Relatively simple configuration and installation
  • Can accommodate variations in pallet size


  • Low storage density due to aisles between racks
  • Takes up the most floor space
  • Limited to one or two pallets deep


Best for fast-paced facilities with a high number of SKUs



  • Big-box retail distribution
  • Warehousing operations
  • Limited-run, small-batch manufacturers

Selective Pallet Racking
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Pallet Racking System
Selective Pallet Racking