Vertical Conveyor Systems

Quick Ship available on standard models

Full system design, professional installation, and turnkey controls available

Vertical Conveyor System

Product Features and Benefits

  • Vertical conveyor is a broad term for any conveyor system that moves products from one vertical level to another
  • Utilizes floor space more effectively by taking advantage of overhead space
  • There are several types of vertical conveyors including:
    • Continuous vertical conveyors (CVCs)
    • Box lifters
    • Spiral conveyors
    • Platform lifts (also known as L-shaped conveyors or reciprocating elevators)


Best for:

  • Routing product from one floor to another
  • Transporting heavy products that an incline conveyor can't manage
  • Working in tandem with sortation conveyors
  • Facilities that are confined by space
  • Facilities with mezzanines and overhead conveyor lines
Vertical Conveyor
Vertical Conveyor
Vertical Conveyor
Vertical Lift Conveyor