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Industrial Mezzanine

Safe, Sturdy Mezzanines throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

System Design • Competitive Sourcing • Full Installation • PE Stamps and Drawings

Floor space is a critical resource for any industrial facility, and mezzanines are the primary option for preserving that space and maximizing the usable area within your warehouse or production facility.

These space-saving systems require detailed planning and precise execution to meet OSHA requirements, so getting started on your next mezzanine project can seem like a daunting task. Our team strives to simplify this process by offering a truly turnkey mezzanine project experience. We take the time to learn your operation before designing, sourcing, and installing the perfect industrial platform for your facility.

QCMHE is a partner from start to finish. Let's get started.

Styles and Configurations

Freestanding • Rack-Supported • Modular • Structural • Wide-Span • Cat-Walk • Building-Supported • Fully Custom

Decking/Flooring Options

ResinDek Mezzanine Decking


Plywood Mezzanine Decking


Grated Mezzanine Decking


Corrugated Metal Decking


Diamond Plated Mezzanine Decking

Diamond Plate

Concrete Mezzanine Decking


Safety Gate Options

Mezzanine Swinging Gate

Swing (Single or Double)

Mezzanine Sliding Gate


Mezzanine Pivot Gate

Safety Pivot

Lift-Out Mezzanine Gate


Handrail Options

Two-Rail Mezzanine Handrail


3-Rail Mezzanine Handrail


Wire Mesh Mezzanine Handrail

Wire Mesh

Take Your Operation to the Next Level

Successful manufacturing and distribution operations experiencing growth often outpace their facilities and quickly run out of floor space. This lack of usable space creates a bottleneck in operations, stunts growth, and ultimately kills off the company's positive momentum. Don't let this be you.

Get ahead of the problem by implementing a mezzanine systems and capitalize on the unused overhead space in your facility. By building up instead of out, you give your operation room to breathe and expand to new heights.

Complimentary System Design and Planning

QCMHE's engineering team will design and configure an elevated platform system that satisfies all of your needs. Whether you are looking to increase storage capacity, building a new level for a conveyor system, or developing an elevated in-plant office, our team has the expertise to design and deliver the ideal solution.

We begin this process by visiting your facility for a complimentary consultation where we evaluate your operation and your needs. This is a highly collaborative approach in which we give you the opportunity to tell us what's working and what needs to be improved. We then design and develop a mezzanine specifically for your facility. We even provide detailed CAD drawings of the proposed system and require your signed approval prior to placing any orders for materials. We strive to become an extension of your business in an attempt to deliver the highest possible return on investment.

Turnkey Installation and PE Stamps/Drawings

Our professional installation team will safely and efficiently install your new mezzanine. Safety is our number one priority throughout this installation process- safety for our install crew and safety for anyone who will ever step foot on this new mezzanine. We also provide PE-stamped drawings, certifying that the structure can hold the capacity required. Our team also verifies that the mezzanine is up to local safety/zoning codes and regulations.

Industrial Mezzanine
Industrial Mezzanine Installation
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