Carton Flow Racking

How it Works:

  • Rear-load design
  • Rollers or skate-wheels use gravity to automatically rotate inventory to the front of the rack
  • Employees can be loading and unloading a rack simultaneously
  • Generally used for boxed product
Carton flow pallet racking

Product Features


  • Inventory can be managed with little oversight
  • Simultaneous loading and picking can result in up to a 75% increase in productivity
  • Multiple configurations that can be customized to fit customer's needs


  • Does not support LIFO
  • Requires some upkeep due to the multitude of rollers and/or skates
  • Not the most efficient system for large loads


Best for FIFO inventory management, highly efficient at moving boxes, and great for companies that require hand-picking



  • High volume case-pick or piece-pick operations
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Perishable food manufacturing/warehousing
Carton Flow Racking
Carton Flow Racking
Carton Flow Racking
Carton Flow Racking