Could Project Management Improve Your Manufacturing Business?

As a business owner or executive of a manufacturing company, you constantly look for ways to improve your manufacturing processes and final products. You invest in the best machinery, train your employees thoroughly, and consult with third-party professionals like material suppliers and accountants.

If your manufacturing business has declined in spite of your best efforts or failed to expand the way you hoped it would, project management may be the missing element.

In this blog, we explain what project management is in a general sense and how project management services specifically apply in the manufacturing industry. Then, we list some of the key benefits that project management can provide to your company.

november-2016-blog-post-imageWhat Is Project Management?

Project management is the process of assessing a particular corporate goal and implementing a calculated plan to achieve that goal. Project managers are similar to consultants and almost always report to and work with the executives of the companies that request their services.

Unlike a general business consultant, a project manager works with a single goal or project. The project should have an estimated start and end date, budget, and requirements.

The project manager may have experience in several industries, like finance and engineering, or may work with a team. Project managers may ask to hire new staff members for the project, complete training, and perform other human resources tasks. The managing team plans, implements, monitors, and reports on the project.


How Do Project Managers Help Manufacturing Companies?

In the manufacturing industry, the finished product depends on multiple processes that each must progress according to set schedules and budgets, from fabrication to assembling to packaging. Altering the manufacturing processes to accommodate a new product, expand the company, or decrease expenses can be a difficult task.

If your manufacturing business is in a position where you must change the way you produce a specific item, project management can be a particularly smart investment. An experienced project manager can help the transition happen more smoothly and improve the overall outcome.

The project manager may work with your existing equipment or help you upgrade, renovate, or expand your manufacturing facility.

How Does Project Management Benefit Companies Like Yours?

Manufacturing businesses can experience significant benefits while under project management. Many businesses report the following advantages of managed projects:

  • Better access to the strategies and equipment that give businesses the competitive edge
  • Closer adherence to the project schedule and official budget
  • Consistent communication from the planning phase to the end of the project
  • Enhanced project oversight
  • Higher chance of customer satisfaction, efficient time to market, and desired sales numbers
  • Improved due diligence, adherence to regulations, and fulfillment of industry product standards
  • Increased risk management and reduced overall risk of financial loss and project failure
  • More effective delegation of staff duties and distribution of company resources

Once a project is complete, the manager can also offer insight into the successes and shortcomings of the approach. This report can help you eliminate projects with lower profitability and focus your resources on your best projects.

You can also choose to have two or three managed projects overlap so you can compare these ventures side by side and plan for the future of your company.

Work with a reputable project manager to give your business the advantages listed above. Partnering with the right project manager can ensure that you get all the information you need to make tough decisions about your business model without blindly investing in new ventures.

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