Pallet Rack Safety Panels/Enclosures

Wire Mesh Rack Back

Product Features and Benefits

Safety Panels

  • Panels bolt directly to uprights and prevent pallets from falling off of the system
  • Provides protection from spillage and ensures a safe working environment for warehouse employees
  • Easier to install than netting

Racking Enclosures

  • Limits access to sensitive or high-value inventory being stored on racking
  • Normally feature sliding or double-hinged doors at the front of the bay

Limitless Customization

  • Three standard offset dimensions allow for pallet overhang of any depth
  • Panels built to match the exact size of racking beams
  • "Above the top" mounting allows for panels to extend above the top beam level for maximum protection and safety
  • System can reach any upright height required


  • 48-hour Quick Ship¬†available on over 20 standard panel sizes
  • Full system design and professional installation available
Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Back
Pallet Racking Enclosure
Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Back