Drive-In/Drive-Through Pallet Racking

How it Works:

  • Lift truck drives directly into the bay
  • Pallets are held up by side rails rather than crossbeams
  • Drive-in contains one end that's closed off, while drive-through is open on both sides
Drive-In Pallet Racking

Product Features


  • High storage density due to lack of aisles
  • Virtually unlimited storage depth (Normally 6-8 pallets deep per bay)
  • Cheaper alternative to Flow Rack


  • Racks are often abused by lift truck drivers
  • Relatively low accessibility for pallets not on the outside of a rack
  • Susceptible to "honeycombing," which results in unused storage space and subsequent loss of storage capacity


Best for LIFO inventory management, high-volume and low SKU warehousing, and inventory with a long shelf life



  • Mass-produced inventory warehousing
  • Freezer storage of non-perishable items
  • Operations only manufacturing a limited number of unique items
Drive-in Pallet Racking
Drive-in Pallet Racking
Drive-in Pallet Racking
Drive-in Pallet Racking